The blazing, overwhelming 2015 Folk Alliance International Conference

The Folk Alliance conference is a beast. A huge, sprawling conference of and for folks and roots musicians, FAI can boast around 3,000 attendees this year (holy shit monster conference). It's sheer size and the number of performances make it an impossible feat to really even get a handle on. You certainly can only see a small fraction of the performances, but part of why it's wonderful is that everyone has an entirely unique experience. The Pitch has been offering great coverage of the beast here,my Wednesday night recap is here. Last night's here

Anyway, offering up a handful of my favorite shots from the past couple of trips to FAI for those who may be interested. I love this event! Will keep returning as often as I can.

Includes photos of Destroy Nate Allen, Hembree, The Grisly Hand, The Blackbird Revue, AY Musik, Nicholas St. James, Madisen Ward & the Mama Bear, The Howlin' Brothers and Good Time Charley.