A Visit to Hank Charcuterie + WSV Restock

I had the pleasure over the long holiday weekend to work on some new freelance, involving shooting some photos at Hank Charcuterie in Lawrence. Vaughn Good, owner of Hank, is a really friendly guy and these people are making some seriously good food. The shop is both a good stop for a ready-to-eat bite or if you are picking up some cuts or pickles to eat at home later. Ed and I watched a lamb butchering demonstration, after sampling some of the lunch specials. There will be lots of repeat visits. 

I've also finally had some time in the past week to devote to restocking some types of items both here and on Etsy. Handful of really great items, including radios, phones, and typewriters, of course. All items available through this website or through my Etsy shop.