I welcome the (hated) Christmas creep - vintage Christmas looks from KC's West Bottoms

I know that fall sightings of Christmas decor/stuff in any store or tv ad makes many (most?) of my friends rageblind with anti-consumerism, but I can't help myself. I totally love it. I love lights and trees (real and fake) and cozy fires in fireplaces. Christmas is nostalgia on crack, and I associate it with good memories with my family. So, when I see the Christmas creep popping up in September, I, unlike many/most, start rubbing my hands together and plotting - Clark Griswold meets Mr. Burns.

I do have a (fake) tree picked out, but I have summoned enough self-control to hold off on buying it (as of today, at least). Ed meets my Christmas decor enthusiasm with a bemused side-eye - though that bemusement will someday turn to alarm when I finally throw it all off and start dressing the dogs and cats in Christmas sweaters and costumes year-round. Cracker would be most fetching (and angry) in a pair of Rudolph horns.

This Christmas love meets my love of old stuff beginning about this time of year with the West Bottoms' First Fridays. If you are not from KC, one sweet, musty-smelling weekend per month, one of KC's oldest neighborhoods opens up to hundreds of vintage and antique vendors. A dozen-plus old factories and warehouses down in the West Bottoms rail district have been turned into vast vintage showcases with hundreds of thousands of square feet of old stuff. It's my favorite place to go get a sense of what kinds of things to buy for my stores here and on Etsy, and to get ideas on how to use these pieces in decorating at home. 

There are always great displays and ideas in the West Bottoms - though now because of the season, the Christmas crap is popping up in all of the entrances and empty corners. My favorite of the Christmas displays was one of the more classic: 

But, with great, great volume comes lots of other good inspiration: