A vintage stereo auction, and fixing one of the coolest record players I've ever seen

We caught a glance at the new old stock of a long-gone Lawrence electronics store at an auction last weekend. It was '70s and '80s faux wood stereo heaven, with many items being available in multiples, in their original boxes. Tape players, turntables, eight track players, four track players, radios, reel-to-reels, signage and advertising - dude. Heaven. The stock was from an old downtown Lawrence Mass Street store, whose name I wish I could remember. Based on the age of the items, the store likely closed down in the early '80s. 

I picked up a handful of radios, vintage cameras and decor items. Buying vintage electronics in my experience has been a disappointing mostly-broken/damaged/not working/busted experience, so I never am willing to pay much for electronics unless I have been able to test them (and none of these were tested). One (not surprisingly) busted item I bought which I am having repaired is one of the coolest record players I've ever seen. It is this turquoise lovely portable player from Telex - the Neptune. With its faux wood paneling and turquoise cover, it is quite possibly one-of-a-kind. I dropped it off at a sweet little electronics repair shop in Overland Park early this week: 

The place is called quite spartanly, 'The Electronic Center,' and is located at 75th and Metcalf in a tiny little space in a strip mall. The man who took in this sweet little Telex told me off the bat that Telex only made record players like this for maybe a year, in the early 1960s. I was impressed with the immediate knowledge. He made sure before taking my deposit that they would be able to repair it, taking the surprisingly simple turntable apart and showing me what needs replacing. I nodded as though 'oh yes, of course, that little tube-like power source clearly is bad. Obviously.'

Old guys with special tiny tools and tiny soldering irons and highly specialized expertise have a place in my heart. I should be able to pick it up in a few weeks. So far I'm really pleased with the experience. Before you put your old stereo in a landfill, give these guys at the Electronic Center a try.