About me. 

I'm April. I am a lover of vintage items, especially mid-century pieces. I also am proud to work for the University of Kansas, and am a freelance photographer and writer (principally for the Pitch and Feast Magazine), cooking enthusiast, and a travel lover. A Kansas Citian by way of New Mexico. I am married to a very nice man named Ed. We have two dogs and two cats. And some fish. 

About my site and shop. 

Wheat State Vintage is a digital shop specializing in vintage home decor, including vintage typewriters, clocks, cameras, and much more. The site also provides a means to share a little about music, food, and travel, how-tos on upkeep and reconditioning of vintage items, and occasionally things that may not fit into any of those categories. I do love to share on social, but sometimes it's nice to have a home for things I'd like to keep for mine. 

Buying and selling vintage items is not only a fun pastime for me - it's become a part of my life. When you buy vintage, you give an old product new life, and keep a great piece out of a landfill. When feasible - even if it means I break even - I like to repair vintage and antique items, to ensure that their lives extend perhaps even beyond mine. 

I find my pieces at estate sales, auctions, yard sales, garage sales, antique stores, trash bins - wherever they may be. 

I am a collector too! If you are searching for a particular type of item, I may be able to help you find it. Feel free any time to get in touch with me at april.fleming@gmail.com.

Thank you for visiting my site!